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Le Pont Japonais (2021). Recorded at Éole Studio by Rémy Reber (Excerpt).

Équilibre Instable (2020). Performed by the New Gates Trio; Maxime Desert, viola. Aurélie Saraf, harp. Matteo Cesari, flute.

Color Fields (2018). Performed at ManiFeste 2018 by Jean-Étienne Sotty. Web audio technologies by Benjamin Matuszewski and IRCAM's ISMM research team.

Resonant Choirs (2011). Performed at the Gaudeamus Muziek Week 2011 by the Nieuw Ensemble; Bas Wiegers, conductor.

Poissons Rouges (2020). Performed at MusMat (UFRJ, Brazil); Pedro Bittencourt, soprano saxophone. Lara Brenne, video.

Musica Longinqua (2013). Featured in the Descompasso YouTube Channel; L'arsenale Ensemble. Filippo Perocco, conductor.

Restauração (2014/ 15). Featured in the Descompasso YouTube Channel; Ensemble Dal Niente. Michael Lewanski, conductor.

Internet video 1 (2019). Video project with artist Lara Brenne.  

Vanishing Point (2017). Performed at Boston University Marsh Chapel; Cheng-Yu Wu, traverso flute. 

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